paul healey

Just a guy that loves dogs

arizona @prodogoutfitter

Husband, Step Father, Dog Lover and Avid outdoorsmen. Paul is also the Owner of Pro Dog Outfiter. Pro Dog was created for the sole purpose to provide Gun Dog owners top quality products at the absolute best price on the market. Paul’s passion for dog training has been in his blood since childhood. Always an owner of dogs, it wasn't till later on that he got into training dogs to hunt. Paul is also the owner of multiple other businesses. Paul lives in Scottsdale Arizona with his wife Shari and their Gun Dog Jerry. Feel free to reach out at info@prodogoutfitter.com


nick robben

head of staff & partnerships

missouri @njr_djnicknasty

Father. Huntsman. Dog Lover. My passion for waterfowl has led me to hunt over many breeds each with their own strengths and quirks. I am patiently waiting to settle on a breed and choose a new hunting buddy. For now I have two rescued pitbull mixes that I have trained to be excellent family dogs. I came to Pro Dog Outfitter through my position with Dekes Waterfowl. As Partnership Director with Dekes I look for new brands to work with and share in the growth of small business. Pro Dog was a perfect fit for us and with in days I found myself immersed in the Pro Dog brand. As a career Firefighter/Paramedic I rarely got a chance to put my Bachelors in Business administration to work but working with new brands has become my passion. My position with Pro Dog is to take on new brands and partnerships while ensuring our pro staff is getting you the best content possible. If there is anything you need for your pup we are here for you. Please send any brand or product requests to nick@prodogoutfitter.com

travis malin

head of elite field experts

oregon @dekes_waterfowl

Ummm. I' am u Hill Billie Red Neck that wakes up and Pisses Excellence

chad myers / elite field staff

south carolina @hevimetal_duckman

Chad has been hunting since he was 5 years old. He started by hunting deer, turkey and predators with his dad. He has been waterfowl hunting for 21 years; upland game birds for 10 years. He has been guiding hunts for 20 years; 16 years at South Carolina Waterfowl Association & also for himself. Chad’s current water dog is Boomer.Chad serves as the President of the Anderson Chapter of the South Carolina Waterfowl Association, raising money for Camp Woodie for kids. Some of his Prostaff appointments include Hevi-Shot, Jeb’s Chokes, Heybo, Grizzly Ears, Hardy Facepaint, Halo Waterfowl, Duk Nutz, Sportmix, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gator Waders, Scent Crusher, Sportsman Camo Covers, Adrenal-Line, Clenzoil, D.T.Systems, Duel Game Calls, Allen Company, Twisted Oaks, Pro Dog Outfitter, Cooks Fatal Attraction, Groove Life, Fowler’s Box, Freedom Fighter Tactical, and several others.

brogen porterfield / elite field expert

oregon @brogenporterfield

My name is Brogen Porterfield I have been a upland, as well as a big game guide for 15 years. I have operated upland hunting preserves in Oregon since I was 17 year old. I currently own and operate RioRidge Outfitters, and manage Horseshoe Curve Hunt Club, were we run upland bird hunts as well as big game. Gun dog training is our main focus at RioRidge. Focusing on pointing breeds and retrievers as well as big game hounds. We operate mainly out of our 1200 acre preserve in Echo Oregon, chasing liberated and wild birds. So for 220 days we are in the field guiding upland birds, and training dogs 365 days a year.
In 2017 I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life Emma. She shares the same passion as I do in the outdoors and loves dogs as much as we all do. Dogs and hunting have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember and I couldn’t imagine life with out them. We currently have 12 dogs of all pointing breeds, and all ages, and they all do there job well.
I am excited about taking my roll on at Pro Dog Outffitter as an Elite field expert. It going to be a wild ride, so let’s let the good times roll.

tyller carlin / elite field expert

lousiana @tj.carlin

Welcome to the BEST pro staff in the nation! My name is Tyler Carlin. I am a musician and an avid duck hunter who eats at Chili’s multiple times a week. Over here at Pro Dog Outfitter, I really am the life of the party! My job is to make the staff entertaining and productive. My dog is Andy. At one year old, he picked up 250 ducks. We make a great team and hope you and your hunting parter have the same bond we have! If you have any questions concerning the staff, I am your guy! You can reach me at tyler@prodogoutfitter.com

kevin johnson / pro staff

california @kevin_johnsonii

Man a Bio is tough for me. I’m just your average joe that spends way too much time hunting, guiding, and training dogs. My old man always told the story about how the first time I ever counted to 10 as a little kid, I was counting his limit of quail. I suppose that’s where I get it from. Training GSPs goes back to my grate grandfather. So I guess it just runs in my blood. Kinda explains why I’m so draw to spend 150+ days a year hunting, guiding and training. I’m a California licensed guide and guide for all 3 species of quail in California during the season. I’m a member of quail forever, ducks unlimited and back country hunters and anglers so I guess you could say I’m also a conservationist. I consider myself an amateur dog trainer. I don’t make any money doing it but I’ve helped maybe guys get there pointing dogs steady on birds. I’m also pro staff for q5 outdoor products and stand behind their products. By day I’m a machinist and I’m expecting a baby girl in August so I’m a soon to be dad. Sorry this is all over the place hopefully you can use some of this.


kristy tamburr / pro staff

new jersey @justabirddog

Kristy is newer to the hunting world but has jumped right in with help from her boyfriend, Karl who is an avid deer hunter with a love for upland game. After breaking her back in an unfortunate horseback riding accident, Kristy decided to turn her attention to dogs. She did her research and wanted to find the perfect breed to match her lifestyle. She came across “German Shorthaired Pointers” - energetic, compassionate, and extremely versatile. This was the perfect breed for Kristy and Karl who are outside 12+ hours a day and are extremely active. She searched for a breeder who’s dogs were well proven and titled, health tested, and of course loving! This search took her to Michigan and after being placed on a waiting list for over a year, the time came and the couple drove 12 hours to pick up Ruger. After a year of training and growing love for the breed, they found themselves on another waiting list for another perfect shorthair, Zenzi. Both dogs are extremely proficent in the field and are great house pets. Kristy is a horseback riding instructor, equine trainer, photographer, and dog trainer! She has plans to open her own kennel for the breeding and training of GSPS.



nathan wafford / pro staff


Hey my name is Natahn Wafford, I'm 27 years old and married to my high school sweetheart of 5 years. My Dad introduced me to the outdoors at a very young age and I've never looked back. When I was 16, I got my first hunting dog named Buck. Little did I know Buck and learning the art of dog training would turn into one of my greatest passions, with now being the owner of East Texas Retrievers. I am thankful for all the great connections and friendships built through the dog training and duck hunting industry.

brandon paffoRd / pro staff

oklahoma @btpafford89

I’m 30 years old, married and have three beautiful children. Born and raised in Wisconsin hunting anything from deer, turkey, and Waterfowl. Waterfowl hunting has always been my major passion and when I moved to Oklahoma 8 years ago I discovered how much of a Waterfowl Mecca it was. My other passion is photography. To be able to capture the memories afield is something that gives me pure enjoyment. In all, the great outdoors is what I live for.





I’m a 41 year old father of 2 boys, Full time Fire Lieutenant near Raleigh, North Carolina. I love the outdoors and conservation. I’ve been an avid Waterfowlerz as long as I can remember. This has been a huge part to the success of my Paracord Product business. I strive to make better, more affordable products for the average person. Both of my sons have hunted with me from a young age. The time and memories I share with them will never be replaced or shadowed by any trophies! I look forward to the opportunities upcoming from this company.

devin coleman / pro staff

Mississippi @Colemedia

I’m Devin Coleman and I’m from Meridian, Mississippi. Most of my days are spent in the outdoors. I’ve been blessed to be raised in a family that loves to hunt and fish every chance we get. In 2015 I was introduced to Waterfowl hunting by a friend of mine. Just like everyone says, I was hooked on my first hunt. I started hunting before class and scouting after class almost every day. In 2016 I started a page on Instagram called Magnolia Waterfowl (@magnolia_waterfowl) where I would post pictures and videos of our duck hunts. Since then it has grown into an apparel brand and we have thousands of followers. 2016 was also the year I brought home my best friend, my yellow lab, Kane. He’s grown up to be a beast of a duck dog with some back yard training by myself. When I started hunting with Kane, it changed my whole perspective of Waterfowl hunting. I’ll never forget his first retrieve, a Drake woodduck. There’s such an unexplainable satisfaction every time he brings back a duck, knowing all the year’s hard work and training has paid off. I have also worked with and trained other dogs with my buddies. I’m thankful to be a part of this amazing company, Pro Dog Outfitter. We have the some of the best staff in the industry and the best customer service. For anything your dog needs to for the next adventure, you have come to the right place!

black woodward / pro staff

illinois @blake_woodward

My name is Blake Woodward, I am a 24 year old helicopter pilot. I love training dogs in my free time. I still have a lot to learn about life, I live day by day trying to become the best man I can be! Training dogs can teach you a lot, dogs are like people, they all learn at a different pace and in different ways. It’s very rewarding to watch a dog nail a new task that you’ve been working on teaching them. I love the outdoors and sharing it with our 4 leg companions!

addie lloyd / pro staff

florida @ boone_doc

Georgia born and Florida raised, hunting anything from bucks to ducks has been a huge part of my family for generations. Some of my earliest memories are of riding around my family’s old hunting camp in the back of my dad’s jeep, or sitting up with him in his tree stand. Anything from hunting to fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding and more, you’ll always find me outdoors! After wanting a Golden Retriever for over four years, I picked up my soon to be hunting partner, Boone Doc, from a breeder in Georgia in 2017. I first started taking Boone bird hunting with me when he was barely seven months old, and he has been a rockstar on every hunt since! We train daily, and this boy loves to work just as much as I love watching him work. The versatility of a well-bred Golden never fails to impress me, as this dog excels in both upland and waterfowl hunting. I decided to take this dog’s training even further and have been running him in HRC hunt tests where his skills are really put to the test. The bond between a dog and his handler is like no other, and I look forward to sharing our adventures and endeavors for years to come.



Hey Y’all my name is Maci Royal. I’m a southern girl born and raised in Georgia and have lived there my entire life (Go Braves!). I am currently finishing up my senior year at Valdosta State University and I am in the Kappa Delta Sorority. I’m happiest in a duck blind or a deer stand, but honestly I enjoy all types of hunting! Right now, I hunt whitetail deer, ducks, geese, turkey, wild hogs, quail, and just went on my first elk hunt this past year. Over the next few years, my goal is to travel, experience, and hunt more places around the world and hunt a variety of different species. I’m a proud dog mom to my quail/dove hunting partner “Georgia”. She is an english cocker spaniel and my best friend! I am constantly thinking about my future career ahead in the hunting/outdoor industry, and can not thank God enough for blessing me with my strong passion for the outdoors.

Tripper Malin

oregon @trippermallin

Born in raised in North East Oregon Hunting and dog training has just been a way of life. I am the youngest member of the Pro Dog Squad. My passions include training my waterfowl retriever Dekes. I also enjoy spending time at my Uncle Brogens ranch. At the ranch I have had the honor of taking down pheasants, chukkar and Bob White Quail. I am most proud of my ability to knock them dead from 50 yards with a 28 gauge.


Vici, Oklahoma

I originally grew up in So Cal Born and raised, Most of my life was spent Marketing in the Action Sports Industry. I moved Oklahoma in 2011 with my wife and children and found Waterfowl Hunting was something i enjoyed, I started Fowled Ambition Outfitters Est’14 so I can give an opportunity to take others and let them enjoy the well kept secret of Oklahoma’s Waterfowling to big spins of Canada’s to huge wads of greenhead’s.


Paragould, Arkansas

24 year old from Northeast Arkansas just trying to live the best life possible with my soon to be bride Sydney. Goose season is what I live for. Speck hunting in Arkansas is like no other! From the setup/preparation, to concealment, to the shot.. I LIVE FOR IT. Been in the waterfowl fields since I can remember. I have a passion for conservation and sportsmanship. There is nothing better than God’s country on a brisk winter morning with my buddies! It’s my way of life.